Pool Remodeling in Tolleson, AZ

Pool Resurfacing Experts is ready to address your Tolleson Pool Remodeling needs

If you pool looks old, pool remodeling is an essential part of your swimming pool to keep your pool water clean as well as give you a smooth and refreshing feel. If the you need a new look of your pool, contact our pool remodeling services to apprise the conditions of your pool design like new.

Pool Remodeling in Tolleson, AZ

Many Tolleson homeowners are seeking pool remodels services, if you wish to remodel your pool today, just call at Tolleson Pool Remodeling to renew your pool look and make it more beautiful, soothing and comfort with our remodeling services. 

If your Tolleson swimming pool requires more than basic repair and maintenance then it is time to call our professional pool services for pool remodeling and refurbish to give it a total makeover. Our professional Pool services will remodel your pool  with a complete modernization and style update. We will not only provide a more modern, attractive look to your pool but also save time & money with professional advice and directions that will enhance the comfort & safety of your swimming pool.

According to your needs, we can offer you more enhancement in your swimming pool like multi color lighting, remodel the interior of the pool with a longer lasting surface, or  bring in automation with easy digital controls.

While pool remodeling we offer many attractive possibilities including design modifications, depth, custom tiles, stone, brick, slides, water features and many more. .


New Pool Remodeling - Tolleson, AZ

It is not always obvious you should remodel your old pool but sometimes an old and out dated pool also needs a fresh surface in Tolleson. Cracking and chipping of tiles or bottom line if left untreated it often leads to major leaks in the pool as well as very unsafe swimming environments.

Preparing For Pool Remodeling - Tolleson, AZ

Remodeling your pool involves preparing the existing surface, materials for new surface and the application and curing process. If any phase of this procedure does not implement correctly, it can shorten the life of your pool surface.

Services for Pool Remodeling Tolleson, AZ

Swimming Pool Re-structuring

Tolleson Homeowners want efficient and fast remodeling service for their pools. Our Pool service provides plaster and pebble finishes fitting according to your taste and preferences. We offer options that consist of stones, pebbles, gems, and glass along with the standard plaster.  Every customer chose its own color combination and product that matches their backyard lifestyle.

Repair & Replacement For Pool

Our repair and replacement services will provide you complete safety and comfort while allowing you to match your desired colors and styles to add beauty to your swimming pool. Let our Pool Remodeling Experts choose your new swimming pool design and assist you in selecting the best swimming pool theme, decoration products and designs for your swimming pool.

Spa Additions For Pool Remodeling - Tolleson, AZ

Yes we can add a spa if you havent already had one built with the existing pool.

Tolleson Pool Remodeling with Water Features

Just visualize that out your backdoor with amazing sounds of fountains or a cascading waterfall as it flows over rocks, those are just a few options of water features what our pool services offers you to your pool remodeling. Lots of customers even wish to add a standalone, custom fountain to their outdoor living space. Our swimming pool remodeling team can help you and your family to select the accurate designs that will work for your backyard and swimming pool area.

Remodeling Pool with Lighting - Tolleson AZ

Adding lights to your swimming pool and spa could be one of the most extraordinary changes whether you select typical white lights or some multicolor lights. These custom lights will not only shine your swimming pool in the evening hours but it will also set the environment for your backyard. The addition of these lighting can add safety to your pool area when it becomes dark.

Steps to remodeling the pool in Tolleson

The first step in pool remodeling is to drain the pool. Depending on the city codes we usually use the sewer drain cleanout in the front of the house. We then inspect the interior for any structural issues. Once thats addresses we move to tiles, decks, pool equipment and anything else youve chose and interior is done last.



How to choose a Pool Remodeling Builder

Always check the ROC and most importanly the online reviews!