Pool Resurfacing in New River, AZ

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If you have an old swimming pool in your backyard of fiberglass or concrete and it needs a complete pool resurfacing then it’s time to approach our professional pool services. We ensure to cover all bases under the service of pool resurfacing are hollow spots, chipping, or cracking, that means the waterproof membrane over the porous concrete pool shell has been compromised. If these minor issues do not address within time, the problem will get worse.

By the passage of time and use of various chemicals in pool water, it makes the pool’s surface which leads to costly repairs. It is necessary to have your pools refinished every 8-10 years. Resurfacing is an ambitious project for the health of your swimming pool, but it’s not that you can tackle by your own-self.

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Before starting resurfacing your pool in New River our professional team can give you an estimate and help you make an informed decision.

Consultancy Pool Resurfacing - New River, AZ

A longer-lasting surfacing material like pebble  will add to the longevity of the pool.

Estimate Pool Resurfacing - New River, AZ

We will give you a thorough estimate that covers the costs of basic materials, and any other changes you would like to make to you pool.

Pool Resurfacing in New River, AZ

Process of Pool Resurfacing - New River, AZ

Drain for Pool Resurfacing, New River, AZ

One of our professional personal will visit you to prepare the site and drain your swimming pool or spa. He will confirm that all lights are in-order and mark them with an orange tag that reads “don’t turn on this light while your pool is empty”.

Preparation for Pool Resurfacing

The second phase of pool resurfacing involves sandblasting, multi-coat, and strip crews for the preparation process. Our staff thoroughly prepares your pool surface by eliminating old damaged surface material and making it receive the new surface material of your choice. This stage is the loudest and dustiest phase of the task. We will certainly cover and also secure your backyard area as long as possible. Whenever possible, we urge the removal of any type of outdoor patio furnishings, pots and also plants surrounding the pool location to one more place. Our staffs will take unique like make sure that your yard is brought back to the exact same clean setting as when they began the procedure.

Tile and Masonry Repair

Now that your pool has actually been prepped, you await Action 3, where our highly knowledgeable tile, as well as masonry artisan, mounts your selected pool tile, coping, as well as other ornamental features such as ledger rock. All details regarding your swimming pool and also exterior living space should be finished as well as recorded before this step begins. All cement shade or tile has to be picked, as well as ought to you have any kind of special design ideas or requests, these decisions need to be wrapped up now. This procedure can take anywhere from 1 to 3 working days.

Seal protected 

The fourth action is to secure the seal to guarantee that your swimming pool is water limited as well as prepared for your chosen swimming pool surface area coating. We will also wash your pool shell at this time.

Clean up and Water Filling

As soon as the specified material has actually been set up and acid washed (if required), we will certainly complete our basic clean-up, as well as start to load your pool. We request all homeowners to watch on the water level as it fills up, and turn the water off as soon as the water level hits the centre of your waterline ceramic tile.

Pool Resurfacing

The final step in the makeover of your swimming pool, referred to as the First Water Treatment step, is one of one of the most vital steps to be completed for the extensive look and life of your brand-new pool surface material. Please see the next area of our site labelled "Initial Water Treatment " for more information on this procedure. Once your pool teems with water again, several treatments need to be performed to permit the surface area to cure as equally as possible.

This process calls for regular tracking and solution throughout the very first seven days of the treating process. Please contact your swimming pool service professional to see if they are readily available to perform this extremely vital action. If your pool service specialist is not available or would favor not to perform these treatments, our team of trained professionals at Pool Resurfacing Experts will certainly enjoy doing the initial water treatment process.