About Pool Services

Arizona Pool and Spa has been providing pool resurfacing, remodeling and complete renovation services for over 10 Years. We have started remodeling and resurfacing all kind of swimming Pool and spa around the Phoenix.

We have hired fully qualified workmanship who has attended with us most satisfied services of remodeling and resurfacing. You can trust on the knowledge and experience we have around your swimming pool wear and tear as well as breakage or leakage. Pool Resurfacing Experts guarantee you that you will be surprised with our level of service and professionalism and the manner we have treat with your swimming pool.

Our strategy is to meet onsite with thousands of pool owners as they turn on the equipment on their new pools for the first time. We provide best guidelines and a proper orientation on use of their pool equipment, and offer them guarantee for our work and multiple equipment.

Pool Resurfacing Experts has been involved in pool resurfacing and remodeling systems of your pool that reduce or remove risks of pool bath as well as secure your investment. This unique position helped us to reduce the complexity and false claims made by some pool sanitation systems, and recommend what is best for our customer’s need.